Jewellery cabinet - 3067

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A small jewellery cabinet model

Our customers will have the opportunity to find luxurious solutions also in the catalogue of the furniture factory ‘Eureka’, which are specially produced for ladies and their needs in the interior design of their places. Every good housewife will highly appreciate not only the nice ensemble of living-room furniture and efficient kitchen but also the opportunity to have her own small place where she will be given the opportunity to arrange her precious accessories. The jewellery cabinet model is a similar type of furniture- an exemplary combination of elegance, high quality of the manufacture and practicality.

The jewellery cabinet model has the following measures: 410/700/310 and it also has a very beautiful design –soft symmetrical lines, rectangular board under which there is an empty place where you can arrange your favourite books or cosmetics. What follows are three drawers with unusual but very efficient shape. The whole construction lies over thin legs, the front ones are decorated with elegant carving and it resembles retro furniture. Our furniture factory ‘Eureka’s designers haven’t missed the opportunity to make our customers’ life easier with pull-out board which is situated over the drawers and it provides the cabinet with more practicality. In this way you will have a cabinet and table.

This is a jewellery cabinet model but we are sure that our practical customers will find a lot of ways to transform it into an elegant addition to every place at their home. This cabinet model can be easily transformed into a beautiful bedside table in the bedroom; in fact you can put everything you can think of. This jewellery cabinet model can quite naturally complement the classic furniture in the living-room interior design and you can even use it as a coffee table. It fits perfectly even a narrow corridor where it can be used as a telephone table instead of as a jewellery cabinet.

The jewellery cabinet model is produced from beech, cherry, oak or lime-tree. We can offer the people who highly appreciate the high-quality furniture to produce this cabinet model completely from solid wood but you can also choose a combination as well from solid wood and naturally veneered panels. The jewellery cabinet model seems to be a real treasure and you can be sure that it is a perfect choice to put your precious jewels there. What is more, this cabinet model is solid and you do not have to worry that some thieves can take it away from your home easily.

This splendid jewellery cabinet model can be produced in a colour which can be chosen from the menu ‘Colours’ on our company site. Every colour choice can be suitable for this cabinet model only if it complies with the interior design of your home.