Antique display cabinet - 3022

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Antique display cabinet produced from solid wood

The antique display cabinet model with the following measures1400/2080/590, produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ is a real treasure for the people who appreciate wonderful furniture having retro nuance.

This antique display cabinet model is massive but what makes an impression is not its size. It is one of our models which are well sold because of its reliability, practicality and intransient elegance.

Everybody who chooses this elegant and practical antique display cabinet will not be as the owners having old-fashioned furniture who do not know how to make use of it. The beauty of this antique display cabinet model is classical; in fact it cannot become old-fashioned. At the same time this display cabinet model is so practical that we cannot imagine a more suitable piece of furniture where you can arrange your favourite sets, bottles with luxurious drink, etc.

The antique display cabinet model represents a standard construction which is divided into two; a shining display cabinet having three sections where glass shelves are placed at the top. Three drawers with effective facing are arranged under it. The cabinets, hidden behind three doors with simple handles are placed at the bottom.

The antique display cabinet is a perfect choice for dining room but you do not have to fall in desperation if you cannot afford a separate place for this goal. You are provided with the opportunity to zone your living-room with this antique display cabinet model or to place it even in your kitchen if its interior design is in classical style.

The antique display cabinet model is produced to order in a combination of solid wood and naturally veneered panels or completely from solid wood from beech, cherry, oak or lime-tree. The colour can be chosen from the specialised menu on our company site. We recommend to our customers that they choose a dark colour if they have a bigger room because in this way this antique display cabinet model will acquire a larger authority which will not be suitable in a smaller place. The light colour will provide this cabinet model with brilliance, a particular elegance of the old town houses. If you are looking for mainly home cosiness and warmth, you are advised to choose the tradition brown scales with golden brilliance.

If you want to spare of this precious home space, we offer to you an antique display cabinet model with two doors which is in our catalogue with reference 3009.