Wooden bar chair - 1102

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A wooden bar chair designed to be used for a beer-house or pub.

We are happy that we have the opportunity to present to our customers the wooden chair model which is a perfect choice for a beer-house, club or night club. This wooden bar chair model is exceptionally preferred because of its stability and durability.

Nowadays, most of the bars and restaurants more often select the natural charm of the wooden material instead of choosing the cold metal bar chairs. The reason for this is well-founded, the wooden bar chairs models are beautiful, elegant, stable and the last but not least-they stand the test of time.

If you want to save money, if you do not want to waste your time repairing and what is more, you would like to furnish your beer-house or club, you are advised to choose the classic wooden bar chair model.

What are the advantages?

First, the wooden bar chair (ref.1102) has a solid wooden construction. The model is well known by its X-shaped backrest and comfortable seat which guarantees for comfort even you decide to sit on it for a longer period of time.

Second, you are the person who will choose the colour and upholstery of the model. The modern metal bar chairs are usually offered in black or silver. Another disadvantage of the metal bar chairs is that they always have fingers traces which require constant maintenance.

You will not have similar problems with the wooden bar chairs produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’. You have the freedom to choose the colour of the wooden parts from the menu ‘Colours’ and also you can choose if the wooden bar chair will be with weathered finish or wood carving or some other characteristics.

The same refers to fabrics. The upholstery can be of luxurious fabric or more middle class depending on our customers’ financial capabilities. What is more, if you prefer leather upholstery, which will fit perfectly your bar interior design, you can look at the menu ‘Leathers’ to see the samples and it is good to be known that you have the freedom to choose between natural and artificial leathers, imported from Italy. The high-quality leather guarantees for safety, a long time usage of this wooden bar chair.

Third- strength. Although that the modern bar chairs look shining and luxurious, they are not able to offer you the same stability and comfort. The wooden bar chair model produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ offers to its customers reliability, safety and the most important-comfort. It is produced with the following measures: 1060/430/ 400. The wooden bar chair model guarantees for durability and it can be a perfect choice for every type of bar. If you have more specific preferences, the wooden bar chair can be also produced in accordance with your special measures. We also offer an excellent discount if you order a larger quantity of the wooden bar chair.