Retro bar chair - 1084

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A classic bar chair

The classic bar chair model is a perfect option not only for bars but also to be used at home. The retro bar chair (ref.1084) from the ‘Orchid’ series is exceptionally suitable for modern open kitchens combining with the living-room at home.

This retro bar chair model is produced with the following measures: height-1150mm; distance between the front legs-450mm; distance between the front and rear legs-470mm. The retro bar chair is offered with a comfortable and solid seat as well as with upholstered backrest. The material that is used to produce this retro bar chair model is beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree.

This retro bar chair model can be also produced without upholstery in the upper part according to our customers’ personal preferences. We offer leather upholstery and fabrics which can be chosen from the menus: ‘Colours’ and ‘Fabrics’ on our site. If you have some difficulties in choosing the suitable ones, our specialist are at your disposal and will help you for sure.  The fabric models which are suitable for bars with retro interior design are: SOFIA C1 — Col. 8 in green , ANA C1 — Col. 2 in blue and gold as well as ANA Col. 1,which is a perfect choice if you want to use this retro bar chair model for French style interior.

The retro bar chair is a suitable model for public places as well as night clubs or traditional British pubs. For those of our customers, who choose to use this retro bar chair model for their night clubs, are advised to rely on leather because it is easily maintain, it doesn’t get dirty and the most important is that stains do not leave on it. The darker colour are a perfect choice for night clubs-Incrociato Col. 681, Hera 370, Uruguay Col. 1081, Pegasus 323. The natural leather models that we offer are imported from Italy and we can guarantee for its quality. We can also offer to our customers artificial leather upholstery which will satisfy your requirements as well.

If you plan to buy this retro bar chair models for public place in pub style, you can select the colour from the menu ‘Colours’, which will be the most suitable for a similar type of interior. The most suitable colours are: ’light walnut’, ‘wenge’ or oak tree with white patina which will provide the club furniture with typical charm.

The advantages of this retro bar chair model do not refer only to its functionality or uniqueness. It is wear resistant and can be used by you for a very long period of time. What is important to be known is that we offer an excellent discount to the customers who intend to order a larger quantity of the retro bar chair model.