Bar chair - 1103

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A modern bar chair with upholstered seat

Every bar, which claims to be high-class and stylish one, is required to have this bar chair model. The elegant and comfortable bar chair model with a short backrest (ref.1103) presents a unique combination of the traditional solidity of solid wood and modern charm of the design and colours.

The bar chair model is offered in different colours and you have the freedom to choose between a great variety of colours for the wooden parts from the menu ‘Colours’-mahogany, golden oak-tree, French cherry-tree which are a perfect choice for retro bars, or Ivory, white, grey and even pink which will fit perfectly a stylish bar in the town centre.

Another advantage of the bar chair model is its solid and really comfortable seat which makes it a perfect choice for sitting on it for a longer period of time near the bar. The bar chair model also has a perfectly upholstered backrest which will guarantee your customers’ comfort for their back while they are drinking a cocktail or cup of coffee together with their friends.

The advantages of this bar chair model go on. According to our customers’ preferences, it can be produced from cherry-tree, beech or even oak-tree wood. Apart from the colours of the wooden parts, you are also free to choose the fabric-leather or cloth upholstery from the menu on our site; you can look at our offers. Depending on whether you plan to furnish a beer-house or night club, you can choose leather upholstery. The great colour variety of high-quality natural leathers, which are imported from Italy, will satisfy everybody’s personal taste.

You are provided with the freedom to choose among middle and high class luxurious fabrics from the menu ‘Fabrics’. If you want to furnish a retro style cafe, we would recommend that you pay attention to the following fabrics: ANA C2 - Col. 2,  IMPERIO C2 - Col. 4, VERSALLES Col. 0, SOFIA C2 - Col. 1 or IMPERIO - Col. 10, which will fit the interior design of every retro cafe.

From the other hand, if you have a more modern bar, we would advise you that you choose the simple colours and lines as: SOFIA C1 - Col. 0, ANA C2 - Col. 4, SOFIA Col. 0, ANA C2 - Col. 1 or ANA C2 - Col. 3. And if you want to provide your place with more daily appearance, the fabrics from the series ‘Cezar’ or ‘Alaska’ are very suitable for this purpose.

We will offer an excellent discount to the customers who intend to order a larger quantity of the bar chair model.