Yellow armchair - 5010

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A yellow armchair with elegant wooden base

The yellow armchair is a special piece of furniture from the catalogue of ‘Eureka’ factory. The model shows easy, symmetric lines, delicate curves and stable construction. You won’t be deceived if you think that it is exceptionally reliable and comfortable. It is produced to order and the measures are 850/700/700.

Using it in the interior, it suggests delicate elegance and provokes pedantic selection of the rest of the furniture. The first thing that attracts the attention is the designer’s choice moderation and the functionality of the model as well. It will be suitable in a spacious living room and in the home library or even in the bedroom, because of the comfort it offers. If you decide to use it as a visitor’s chair, you will not make a mistake as well because your customers will find it comfortable.

The yellow armchair is produced from the solid wood of beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree. It will be difficult to have it as a piece of furniture from the family antiquities but what is obvious is the luxurious manufacture and the delicacy with which it has been produced. Moreover, the yellow armchair model is exceptionally reliable, wear proof and the most important thing is that it is perfectly combined with classic and modern interior as well.


The yellow armchair model is not simply a piece of furniture on which you can relax. Using it, you can zone the spacious living-room as separating a corner which you can use it as a dining-room and in front of it you can place a short small table and home theatre, for example.

The upholstery can differ in type and colour. Selecting fabric or leather (which you will find with our menus with the same names), you home will become more attractive, spacious and will gain aristocratic elegance.

In order to emphasize your choice effect, you can select a suitable nuance for the visible wooden parts. In the menu ‘Colours you will be able to find the most suitable ones which will fit the other part of the furniture in the room. We offer a great variety of finishing for weathering effect, if you prefer something nonstandard or you want your office chair model to have retro style.


The yellow chair model is not only produced for home usage. Its comfort, solidity and easy maintenance make it perfect for furnishing public places like offices, clubs, etc.

Our foreign customers also prefer this practical piece of furniture. Our customers in Israel show the biggest interest concerning this yellow armchair.