Vintage Leather Armchair - 1076

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Vintage leather chair in Victorian style with modern accent.

The trivial joys in our lives will not be the same, if we do not meet them in a good company or furniture. Disregarding for a short period your daily life with a book in your hand is a pleasure known for ages, but imagine what the feeling would be if you are doing it in your own library, in front of the fire place hugged in an elegant Vintage leather armchair.

Furnishing an office or a library is neither an easy task nor a cheap one. But on the other hand, you can always spare some space in the living-room, which you can transform into a favourite corner for relaxation. Each of you can give yourself a place where you can retire into yourself with your favourite hobby. For this goal, ‘Eureka’ furniture designers have produced an exceptional example-namely the vintage leather armchair model, in front of which you cannot be indifferent(ref.1076).

The Vintage leather armchair in our company catalogue is produced with measures 1100/850/850. The size of the model, the traditional curves and its solidity offer stability and exceptional comfort for a long period of time. You can order it made from the so called precious wood -solid wood from beech, cherry-tree or oak tree. You are free to choose the colour of the wooden parts and the type of fabric in the specialised menus on the site (see the section ‘Colours’).


Every pattern from our catalogue would be suitable as upholstery but the visual influence and the preciousness can be best emphasized only with leather. Those of us who stick to innovation, can choose eco-fabric which is from high quality and is easily-maintained and you can see samples in the section ‘Fabrics’ or ‘Leathers’.

The model is flawlessly elegant and aristocratic but not quite conservative. The solid base finishes not with curves but with castors of the front legs, in order to offer functionality.

Owning a similar Vintage leather armchair is a sign for elegant taste but at the same time it suggests a feeling for a family home with history even in a modern home. Although it is designed to be used at home it would seem naturally in the special flats of multi-star hotels or in the lounges of refined public places.

Our customers not only in our country but abroad as well have estimated the luxurious choice and comfort it offers. Even the Dutch, who are very pragmatic, are tempted by this splendid giant and order it enthusiastically.