Velvet armchair - 1096

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A Velvet armchair with non-traditional but practical designers idea

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ offers a great variety of soft furniture in its catalogue models of various styles and size. A very interesting piece of furniture amongst them is this attractive hybrid between a sofa and armchair.

The model that is shown has a classic vision and is produced with measures 950/750/700. What differs this velvet armchair from the similar pieces of furniture is the front legs. They differ in shape from the simple rear, they have nozzles on which wheels can be mounted. The curious designers’ decision helps the model functionality.


The wooden construction of the Velvet Armchair is stable and solid and is made from high-quality wood. Whether it will be produced from beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree, depends on the customers’ choice. Our customers are free to choose the colour of the visible wooden parts from the menu ‘Colours’.

Again, the customers are the people who will choose how the model will be upholstered. The design, the colour and even the type of the upholstery can be selected from the special menus on the site. You should bear in mind that we offer not only a variety from colours and fabrics but you are free to choose between leather and imitation leather.

Our advice is to choose soft, pastel colours if you decide to use this armchair model in your dining-room in the house or as a visitor’s chair in your office. For our customers who prefer a bigger piece of furniture, we can offer a two-seated option - ref.1097.


If you plan to place the velvet armchair model in a manager’s office, you’d better choose leather never mind what colour it will be. In this way, you will introduce more importance and prestige of the image, that is additionally reinforced by the classic curves of the product. Moreover, we offer high-quality leather models and eco materials as well. And for those who want to own furniture with non-traditional vision, in our factory in Gabrovo we have at our disposal leather fur models.

This model is famous for its exceptional comfort which it offers during you are sitting on it. That’s why our Dutch customers who are very precise about practicality and comfort, accept it with enthusiasm. Those of you who would prefer to get quantities of it for furnishing hotels, rooms for games in hospitals, places for entertainment, can be sure that the furniture factory ‘ Eureka’ will offer them an excellent discount.