Stool - 1098

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A stool for a reception-room

A stool occupies a special place in the hall of every large house or in the prestigious office building reception-room. The simple construction of this model, produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’, should not mislead you. Again, it refers to an exceptionally luxurious decision that is produced observing all the modern quality standards.

The model is produced to order from beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree. Its catalogue measures are 500/1000/1000 mm, they are calculated so that they will be responsible for the comfort during using it, nevertheless there are no backrests and arm supports.

The unostentatious elegance of the stool is in a traditional style. The stool doesn’t have any superfluous decoration but what it offers is a pleasant for the eye bend of the legs and classic upholstery. The very symmetry is pretty enough even to transform into interior accent.


It is unostentatious furniture at first glance which can offer elegance in every room when a suitable pattern for fabrics and colours of the visible wooden parts are selected. In the specialised menus on the company site you can find the most suitable colouring. In the section ‘Colours’ our customers can see different colours of the wooden parts. In the section ‘Leathers’ you can select models answering your personal preferences-natural leather or eco leather, it is up to you. You can select suitable upholstery from the menu ‘Fabrics’. We advise you that you pay attention to the deeper and efficient nuances even the metallic colours as in the illustration.  By choosing them, you will emphasize the delicate elegance of the model.


Moreover, you can select more classic combination-elegant legs and leather fabric, nevertheless it refers to leather or eco leather. The high quality the easy type of maintenance is guaranteed.

This stool model is also produced in rectangular shape. It saves precious space and it is an especially practical choice for corridors. You can look at it in the catalogue on our site-Ref.1099. The model is suitable for living-rooms and also for cloakrooms, bedroom or even for ladies’ boudoir.

For those customers who see this piece of furniture as a part of the interior of bigger places or even whole buildings we offer an excellent discount because of the large quantities they need. We have sold a lot of stool models in the international market and it is especially popular among our Dutch customers.