Small Armchair - 1118

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A small armchair suitable for bars

In the catalogue of the furniture ‘Eureka’ that is offering a great variety of furniture you will find a perfect small modern armchair suitable for bars. It is a wonderful combination of standard measures (700/800/650), a strict design and obligatory comfort.

Its construction is classic but the model line is more flexible than the standard ones. It has high legs that are typical for small armchairs which are perfect for bars and it also has a short backrest. The model comfort is guaranteed by stylish arm supports which seem as if they are a natural continuation of the backrest.

The model in the illustration only demonstrates our designers’ idea. In fact, we have given our customers the opportunity to become co designers of this practical piece of furniture.


Depending on the whole designers ‘choice concerning your restaurant or cafe, you can choose the colour of the wooden parts and the fabric up to your taste. In the menu ‘Colours’ you will choose this nuance which best fits the rest of the wooden furniture in your bar. There is a special section for fabrics on our company site. There we offer interesting upholstery and even an opportunity to choose between leather and eco leather of high quality.

The small armchair model would be also suitable for lobbies- in the bar of every modern hotel or in the waiting room in front of the consulting room. But this is not all provided by the small armchair. It is a perfect choice for in the home interiors with a concise design.

The furniture offered by’ Eureka’ is of quality and guarantees easy maintenance. The price of our products is competitive in the market because we work with a strategy in favour of our customers. If you order a quantity of the small armchair model, we will be happy to offer an excellent discount to you.


The small armchair model is a type of furniture in which you are going to fall in love. The lines simplicity, the plain design and the comfort seat will make your customers feel so comfortable that they won’t want to go. The comfortable backrest shouldn’t be underestimated, which supports your waist and does not allow your body to get tired or strained-this cannot be achieved by metal chairs.

This product quality after a prolonged usage will be undeniable and your investment will have been repeatedly paid. Concerning the price, if you order a quantity of the product, you will be offered a discount.