Office chair - 1115

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A modern office chair for authoritative companies’ managers.

The modern office chair ‘President’ is an exceptional treasure from the catalogue of the furniture factory ‘Eureka’. This model is a combination of luxurious manufacture, classic beauty and solidity but it completely responds to the requirements.

The company manager’s working chair should offer strength and importance. At the same time, it should be ergonomic, to move easily and to be in accordance with the modern standards.

This office chair is called ‘President’ not in vain, it is obviously suitable only for authoritative people (or for those who do their best to gain authority). The bends of the backrest and the arm supports have retro nuance, but at the same time they also create a delicate association with a classic style and decadal company history. The suggestion is ‘We have traditions but we stick to the modern requirements.


The luxurious office chair produced by ‘Eureka’ have inspiring measures 1150/670/610 mm. The office chair size guarantees exceptional solidity ad comfort. Great managers do not have only authority but they have a tight schedule as well.

In order to be in a good condition during the long working day, ‘Eureka’ offers them a unique piece of furniture. In order to achieve the goal, we have placed the construction over a very solid swivel five star base. In order to be more comfortable, we have also mounted a luxurious mechanism for lifting and rocking. Your office chair is not only reliable but it can be used a very long period of time and can bear up to 120 kg, and you don’t have to worry that it will lose its stability and support like its plastic mates.


In order to maintain the stylish effect of the designer’s decision the office chair model (ref.1115) is produced in leather or eco-leather. You can choose the colour of the material from the respective menu on our site bearing in mind that the darker is the colour, the stronger is the suggestion for respect.

The same refers to the wooden elements of the arm support and the swivel star base. You can select a nuance from the menu ‘Colours’ which is stylistically suitable for the whole office. The desired effect can be a contrast between leather and wood or materials harmony.

The office chair ‘President’ is not only designer’s jewel but a pearl in the crown- a perfect choice for every office in modern style.