High back armchair for the elderly - 1051

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High back armchair for elderly will guarantee you strength and convenience.

The High back chairs for elderly that are produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ can serve as a combination example of a classic form and strength. Despite its luxurious manufacture, it does not force itself on you with excessive decoration and ornaments. Its elegant design and simple clean lines make it very suitable for contemporary interior.

If you are of a sort of a person who likes Viking culture, you can go deeper in their atmosphere with furniture, which is based mainly on practicality and convenience. What Scandinavians are concentrated on is their comfort but not their striving to shock their guests by a luxuriant and uncomfortable piece of furniture. This high back chair for elderly is made to order. It is proud of its strong wooden construction and functionality and laconic beauty of nature materials.

The measures that can be offered are 970/620/650. Its style covers the requirements of the Scandinavian type of interior.


Don’t be misled by its simple charm. We produce it by the most high-quality materials. The wooden parts can be made from beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree and the colour depends completely on your choice. You can choose the appropriate nuance of the colours showed in menu ‘Colours’ in our site. The upholstery can be chosen from the Menu Fabrics and Leathers and the leather design are in different colours and are offered in varieties of eco leather and leather. The fabrics are luxurious and middle –class and are offered in a great variety of models.

If you want to be very precise in forming a Scandinavian interior in your home, we recommend you to choose light water-colour tones white chocolate or even white. The most romantic of you can decide to emphasize the Vikings’ closeness to the sea and can choose the blue nuance. In all cases, you will receive not only a reliable high back armchair for elderly but also an example of exceptional comfort in your daily life.

The high back armchair for elderly model (ref. 1051) is produced mainly for home usage but different hotels and bars owners are not indifferent to the comfort it offers and also to the long usage it guarantees. Among its comfortable design’s fans are old people homes’ managers.

All of you who evaluate the obvious advantages of the high back armchair for elderly and order some quantity, we will offer a good discount.