Grey Armchair - 1120

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A grey armchair produced by the furniture factory ‘Eureka’

One of the most comfortable furniture designed in classic style is the grey armchair. The model is functional, comfortable and is suitable for every type of home. If you want to enjoy comfort and luxury simultaneously, you can use this grey armchair for the purpose.

This piece of furniture is characterised by a deep and comfortable seat which is designed to ensure comfort while you are sitting in it. Moreover, this grey armchair is perfect for relaxation after a long and tiring working day.

The broad seat offers stability and you feel as though you are sinking in it. Furthermore, you are free to lie stretched and rest on it because the backrest has been designed so that your back and waist can have support.

Most of the armchairs need additional cushions in order to be able to feel comfortable and stable when you are sitting on them. This model will prevent you from this disadvantage because of its back design.


The frame and the base are made from solid wood which will guarantee comfort and stability even after a long period of usage. If you have used real chipboard furniture, you should know that the seat and backrest get flatten and firm after a short period of time.

You will miss this problem when you use this grey armchair.

The model is designed with measures 690/925/755 but it can be produced with measures depending on our customers’ taste. The colour of the wooden parts can be selected from the menu ‘Colours’. The solid wood is from beech, oak-tree or cherry-tree, it depends on your requirements. The fabric also depends on your taste. In the menu ‘Fabrics’, you can choose the most suitable upholstery which will respond to your taste and your home interior.

If you like, you can order the grey armchair model with leather upholstery as well. In the section ‘Leathers’ there are different samples of a natural and fake leather.


The last but not the least, the grey armchair produced by ‘Eureka’ can be combined with other pieces of furniture from our catalogue. You can look at the rest of our categories in order to get to know with the different products.

This model will be perfectly combined with classic style furniture. But you can keep it as an individual accent in the modern interior. It will provide your home with cosiness.

All of the furniture is of high-quality and is produced from solid wood. We are happy that we can offer an excellent discount to the customers who want to order a large quantity of the product.