French style armchair - 1056

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A classic armchair in an office, also appreciated in the foreign market

In order to have the perfect furniture in your office or at home, Furniture factory Eureka recommends its customers being uncompromising. A perfect armchair in an office is that one that offers its owner not only comfort and style but it also should guarantee him complete calmness and safety during a long working day.

People, who love classical art, will not be indifferent to this example with measures 1090/ 670/ 600. This suggestion for French style armchair is produced to order and answer all modern standards for reliability and eco –friendly furniture. If customers want, the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ will produce this French style armchair with its customers’ measures.

Along with this, customers are impressed by this product because of its luxurious construction, aristocratic image. The high backrest guarantees not only comfort during a long working day but it also offers reserved elegance.

If you see this French style armchair, you can be misled about its owner’s taste. The symmetric lines and graceful bends do not attract excessive attention but gives a complete elegant image of the interior.


According to your taste, you can get an exquisite example of the model, you can choose only between the high-quality wood of beech, cherry-tree and oak-tree. In order not to be worried if the colour of the wooden parts  respond to the designed vision of your office, you are free to choose the nuance from the Menu ‘Colours’ in our site.

Again at our official site of ‘Eureka, you can choose between fabrics or leather in colour or design according to your taste.

Classic interiors lovers usually choose fabrics in pastel-cream-coloured, light beige, red-brownish and light green nuances. For the customers who prefer leather upholstery, we offer a great variety of patterns in the section ‘Leathers’. Leather gives this French style armchair a special importance and a fabric with floral patterns, for example, can impress with exquisite temperateness and style.

This model will be also suitable if you use it not only in official places but at home as well. It is also a good choice for public places as hotels, bars and restaurants. Your foreign guests will respect the interior beauty because our Dutch customers have already estimated their advantages. What is more, we offer an excellent discount if you order quantities.