Foot stool - 1099

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A foot stool - a necessity in the modern furnishing.

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ knows how to combine the beauty of old furniture for the needs of the modern interior design. Models as a foot stools are not a part of the houses interior which were built some decades ago, but a practical and refined choice. A similar sample is the presented article in our catalogue with measures 500/1000/500.

This foot stool is produced in order to optimize the spare space and at the same time it offers comfortable ensconcing of more guests. Moreover, it could be used in the bedroom, in the living-room or in the office. It is also very suitable for ladies’ boudoir or for the entrance-hall.

The model has been designed in a way that it will not impose with superfluous decoration. This foot stool is a very practical piece of furniture, which doesn’t have to become a basic accent in the furnishing. Its function is a secondary one, but it is very suitable for spacious rooms and for verandas too.


It will be also suitable for the managers’ reception-halls or it can be used by patients in front of the private doctors’ consulting rooms. It is obviously a luxurious product, but it is presented in a very delicate way.

The legs shape is round and they are tight at the base- a traditional designer’s decision. The aesthetic effect is emphasized by choosing the upholstery. Depending on the place where you will put this foot stool, you can decide whether you will make its vision lighter by using sunny colours and unostentatious patterns. If the situation requires, you can offer additional influence by selection leather apart from fabric. The fabric samples which are best combined according to your taste, can be selected from the menu ‘Fabrics’ on our company site. You can select a suitable leather upholstery from the menu ‘Leathers’. At the same place you can decide how the wooden parts of the construction will be coloured, but from the menu’ Colours’.


This foot stool is exceptionally comfortable, although it doesn’t have any secondary elements like arm supports and backrests. The important thing about this foot stool is that it offers reliability and the guarantee that it will resist usage for a long period of time and it will be easily maintained. That’s why the public places owners as hotels choose this particular foot stool to be placed in their lobbies or more spacious flats. We offer an excellent discount to them and to the people who order quantities of the product.

The model is famous even in Holland where our Dutch customers like its square type - ref.1098