Colourful Armchair - 1068

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A colourful armchair suitable for classic interiors.

This colourful armchair model in the catalogue of the furniture company ‘Eureka’ is our customers’ compliment who know well our work and want more comfort. The model is produced to order and its measures are 1050/800/650.This chair seems to be the more aristocratic chair version ref.1060 with arm supports.

The model is exceptionally attractive and can be combined with every type of classic interior from Early modernism to Mediterranean style, Fusion style or even Shabby Chic. Its design allows it to be used at home and in your office as well.

It is obvious that we have kept the luxurious manufacture, the suggestion for reserve elegance, easy lines. The width change and the thick soft upholstery have been designed in order to enhance the comfort sample and to emphasize the decorative effect.


The colourful armchair is one of the most popular piece of furniture from the catalogue of ‘Eureka’. Its inclusion in the interior fits perfectly every classic solid piece of furniture. It is very suitable for spacious lounges, but every lady can pamper herself as she arranges it in the bedroom. Every modern woman deserves to relax as a queen in front of the dressing table with the mirror while she is preparing to go to bed.

The colourful armchair is produced from high-quality materials as well as all the furniture in the catalogue of ‘Eureka’ - solid wood and luxurious fabric as well as techniques which conserve the wood and the delicate covering. Depending on your choice, you can shape the model in a way that will respond to your highest requirements.


The colourful armchair can be produced from beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree but this is not all. The colour of the wooden parts depends completely on your choice. It can be selected from the menu ‘Colours’, as well as fabric or leather for upholstery.

In the menu ‘Fabrics’ or ‘Leathers’, you can choose the pattern or the colour of the cloth. Your choice can be more concrete- to choose an artificial or natural material. The material, which is used to make the upholstery, is of high quality in all cases and can be used for a long period of time and what is very important for the hosts is that it is maintained easily.

The colourful armchair can be produced for households but it is impossible for this elegant colourful chair to be closed only in private homes. It is easy to imagine it in luxurious bars or in the hotels lounges or in their president apartments. We can offer an excellent discount to customers who need quantities of the product.