Chesterfield office chair - 1071

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Chesterfield office chair for your retro cabinet

The prosperous company managers and simply the specialists, who have proved themselves, think highly of good quality not only in their work but in their encirclement. The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ offers the Chesterfield chair to them and to all who do their best to achieve their goals.

The model is exceptionally flexible and elegant and apart from that, it is more stable than its plastic and metal mates. The flexible construction and rocking mechanism offer our customers additional comfort.

Our dynamic life and the intensive work try to make us leave the heavy furniture. It will be replaced by a modern choice with the highest quality.


The Chesterfield chair produced by ‘Eureka’ has been designed with the presumption to be useful for the business leader. It is strong, mobile and at the same time, it is very elegant. It is made to order from high-quality beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree.

Its catalogue measures are: 1000/610/630 mm, they are calculated in a way that guarantees comfort and solidity. The arm supports and the soft fabric emphasize the model comfort and its pneumocylinder helps to regulate its height. The high backrest doesn’t strain the body and promises only calmness during the long working day. The deep seat also offers comfort, it is with solid upholstery, which will not be unpleasant for you sitting on it, compared to the metal or plastic chairs.

The Chesterfield chair has a stable wooden base with five castors; they are not intrusive but allow the chair to move easily.


The colour of the wooden parts and the type of the upholstery depend completely on our customers’ choice.  From our menus with the same name, you can choose a colour from the great variety of colours offered by our company. In order to suggest prestige and additional elegance to the Chesterfield office chair, we recommend that you choose eco leather fabric. The eco leather will provide your office with additional aristocracy. Ladies who work in the fashion sphere, advertisement or media can emphasize their own style with brighter colours or non-standard design.

 We answer our practical customers’ requirements with maintenance simplicity, usage originality, stability and long usage. It is produced in accordance with all standards for high quality and environmental compliance. Customers, who want to have quantities of the Chesterfield chair produced by ‘Eureka’, will rely on a very good discount.