Blue Armchair - 1070

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The blue armchair for your home theatre or entertainment centres

Cinema lovers do not always have to leave their home, in order to immerse in the magic of the large screen. The most well-to-do people furnish their house with their own hall for entertainment. Those people, who have not realized this dream yet, can adjust a corner or a room in their home suitable for home theatre.

It is usually the living room that will be an original place for entertainment. In the living-room you will arrange your favourite Hi-Fi equipment but also furniture which will fit the interior and will guarantee comfort, in order to be able to enjoy your favourite hobby. In that sense the furniture factory ‘Eureka’ makes a very attractive decision-the blue armchair.


The model is produced to order  and is with measures 900/600/700 mm. It is a luxurious choice made from  beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree, only the best wood. It is completed covered with wood, its design or type can be chosen  from the menu ‘ Fabrics’. If you prefer something more non-standard or modern, you can rely on the great variety from the menu ‘Leathers’ where you can find a great range of natural and eco patterns. People usually choose claret or oleoresinous colour in the professional lounges but you can be braver concerning home theatre so that you may rely on the home blue armchair and choose more different colour.

The only wooden parts that can be seen are over the arm supports which have two functions-for comfort and for ornamental effect. The nuance, in which you would like them to be, should be consistent in a way that emphasizes the fabric colour- you can choose it from the menu ‘Colours’.


Have in mind that, in order to have a full comfort, you need at least 25 sq m space in which you will place the blue armchair and its elongation from the screen and the speaker system should be suitable. The rest part of the furniture, which has to be  suitable and hide the tangle of cables and connection-blocks, can be found in the catalogue of ‘Eureka’.

Your blue chair will be provided with quality guarantee, easy maintenance and what we have to admit is that you will enjoy its comfort  and stability even after a long period of time. The people who plan to use it in the lounges of hotels, medical centres, and homes for elderly people, can rely on its excessive comfort  and you can take advantage of a very good discount  when you need quantities.