Аrmchair sofa bed - 1097

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Armchair sofa bed - expectedly perfect combination

The furniture factory ‘Eureka’ is concentrated not simply on luxurious and solid furniture but as a factory, which knows its customers, pays special attention to its products practicality. I am presenting the armchair sofa bed to your attention (Ref. 1097), it can be used as a sofa and as an armchair as well.

For this classic single piece of furniture lovers, we have decided to answer with a two-seated option. In this way, our customers receive not simply the well known high quality and enjoy the opportunity to make use of it to the highest degree with non-traditional choice. Thus for example, the bigger mate of the armchair model (Ref. 1096) is a two-seated innovation including a sofa and armchair.

We produce it to order, its catalogue measures are 950/920/750. This model has the same immutable solidity, stability and classic design. What seems to be more effective is the curious contrast between the upholstery and the choice for the legs. The rear legs have simple straight shape while the front ones have round shape and turned on a lathe legs.


 The two-seated armchair sofa bed is produced from high-quality beech, cherry-tree and oak-tree wood –depending on your choice. The visible parts of the products are little but we should not underestimate their decorative contribution. You are free to select a colour that fits the rest of the wooden furniture in the room. Your suitable nuance can be found in the menu ‘Colours’.

You can take part in the designers’ arrangement of the upholstery as well. In the menus’ Fabrics’ or ‘Leathers’ you can choose the suitable pattern which will reinforce the model effect. The soft colours, the light nuances and floral patterns will make visually lighter this solid piece of furniture. If the armchair sofa bed model (Ref.1097) is ordered for the dining-room or even for the bedroom, this is the most suitable choice. The leather no matter if it is leather or artificial one, emphasizes the model authority. This model is to be ordered for homes with ultra modern furnishing or offices.


Nevertheless the total effect as a result, the soft furniture will be a standard for precise production and exceptional comfort. That’s why the public relaxation places owners as hotels and holiday houses can be tempted to include it in their interior. We are happy to offer them a very good discount for the quantity they have ordered.

The model is also produced for our Dutch customers. It enjoys cordial welcome in this country.