Antique armchair - 1090

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Antique armchair-classic elegance and modern furniture functionality

The antique armchair, produced by the furniture factory’ Eureka’, is an exceptional combination of luxurious furniture, solidity and a suggestion for aristocracy. It is made to order and our customers are impressed by its measures 1000/780/920.

The antique armchair is the real peer among the models, which are done by our company designers. It is made from wood with the highest quality as our customers are free to choose from beech, cherry-tree or oak-tree.

The graceful lines of the model guarantee exceptional comfort and solidity but the decision about the base is more than untraditional. The front legs have castors of the nozzles, in order to transform this solid piece of furniture into functional one. In this way, you can move it to every corner in your home every time you decide that you need to move the furniture.


It would be difficult to imagine that a person without taste or status, will enjoy the joy of this elegant model. The antique armchair model is extremely suitable for managers’ offices in prestigious companies or authority people’s homes who can afford a special room where they lead important conversations.

The model offers its customers the opportunity to have complete calmness and relaxation but its attraction is hidden under its elegant vision. You can contribute to it on your own by choosing a suitable colour for the wooden parts from the menu ‘Colours’. Again on our company site you can enjoy our furniture and you can also choose suitable upholstery. You can find the antique armchair fabrics or leather from the menus with the same name.


A model like this can be softened up at some extent by soft patterns and light nuance of the upholstery. If you emphasize the classic lines with leather in dark red, black or brown, however, it will seem the most authoritative and stable. For people, who stick the environmental way of life and modern trends in furniture factory, we can offer an opportunity and eco leather upholstery. In both cases we will guarantee high standard and comparatively easy maintenance of the material. You can see our models on the site in the section ‘Leathers’.

The elegant antique armchair can be perfectly combined with pieces of furniture including Country, Chalet, Eco style or even Grunge style. The dark shades of the wood also be remarkable among the vintage interior. We also offer weathered finish for those who want to emphasize the antique vision.

The uncompromising quality and classic elegance of the antique armchair have too many lovers in our country and abroad. For example, the Dutch, who are famous for their taste for the practical and solid, have trusted our products for a long time.