Eureka Furniture Factory The company "Eureka" - based in Gabrovo, Bulgaria was established and started producing furniture in 1997. At the very beginning the production consisted of individual orders for upholstering of private habitations, offices and hotels. In 1998 began the production of small furniture from solid wood mainly for export - France, Switzerland, Belgium, Netherlands etc. During that time a furniture factory was built, which started to work in August 1999. At the moment the production is orientated towards classic, traditional and modern furniture from solid oak, cherry, beech and lime wood. Also from a combination of solid wood and natural veneered MDF. The factory can produce almost every type of furniture, fitted or free standing to a fine finish supplying both trade and retail at incredibly competitive prices. The materials we use are first quality: oak, cherry, beech and lime woods - which are supplied directly from our saw-mills throughout Bulgaria. The company is manufacturing - bedroom furniture, dining room furniture, kitchens - tables, chairs, beds, cabinets, small solid wood furniture, upholstered furniture and many more. The wide range of furniture products - more than 500 different models, allows the company to fully upholster hotels, restaurants, private accommodations and many more. Famous for their original design and high qualification - the employees of the company - 60 skilled workers are ready to satisfy the specific requirements of every client. The materials we use: varnish, glue, etc. have quality certificates from the "European Union" and are ecologically pure. The furniture is built with the most modern techniques incorporating the principles of tradition and craftsmanship. 90% of the company's production is exported to France, Belgium, Holland, Switzerland and many more. The remaining 10% is realized on the Bulgarian market. The factory is specialized in the production of hotel furniture - bedroom furniture, tables, cabinets, chairs and upholstered furniture for hotels. The company has fully furnished more than 2000 hotels in Bulgaria and abroad, hundreds of restaurants, apartment complexes, bars and private habitations. The company is also famous for the special finishing techniques it is using to produce antique furniture. The factory is also manufacturing custom made furniture - as long as pictures and drawings are supplied we can reproduce almost every wooden furniture model.

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The factory is based in "Gabrovo" - Bulgaria, which is situated approximately 200 km. East from the capital "Sofia" where an international airport is located.








Before ordering every client - retailer or wholesaler should know the following:

- Orders

Orders can be placed by phone, e-mail or directly in our factory in Gabrovo, Bulgaria. We do not have a retail network in Bulgaria, because 90% of our production is exported. In Bulgaria you can order directly from us, in which case we send you a Contract that you have to sign and return to us.

- Materials

The lime wood is a soft and cheap material. The oak, cherry and beech are hard and expensive materials. The most expensive materials are oak and cherry, while beech has medium price level.

- Colors

All the furniture models will be delivered exactly as shown on the pictures. If the client prefers a different color - then this should be clearly indicated in the order. Our range of colors can be found in the "COLORS" menu in the top menu on your screen.

- Fabrics and Leather

A small part of the fabrics and leathers that we work with can be found in the menu "FABRICS" on the top of your screen. Currently we work with more than 500 different fabrics that can be seen in the factory in Gabrovo, Bulgaria.

- Packaging

All the furniture products are delivered "ASSEMBLED" Each of the products is carefully packed in stretch folio and then in a carton box, which lowers the probability of damage during transportation to minimum.

- Delivery

We can deliver the furniture to any place in Bulgaria as well as abroad. The transport price depends on the volume and place of delivery.

- Minimum quantities

There are no minimum quantities ordered. Of course this depends on how busy we are and how big is your order. We offer big discounts for big quantities ordered.

- Production time

Eureka Furniture Factory has very few pieces of furniture in stock. The furniture is delivered to the client after production. The production time depending on the order is between 30 and 45 days.

- Show rooms

Exhibition halls in the factoryWe currently have two Show rooms in the factory in Gabrovo, Bulgaria, where a small part of our collection is exhibited. We intend to open new show-rooms in the future.

- Payment

The payment can be done through bank transfer. We usually work with 50% advanced payment and 50% after delivery of the furniture. But under certain circumstances are ready to negotiate a different method of payment.

- Dimensions

Almost every model can be produced with different dimensions. In some cases this is easier and therefore cheaper to accomplish. EUREKA Furniture factory is manufacturing custom made furniture as long as a picture and drawing with dimensions is supplied.



Eureka's stand at exhibitions


The company is presenting its production on a number of International Furniture exhibitions - "International Furniture Fair - IMM" in Cologne, Germany, "Habitat Valencia" in Valencia, Spain, "The World of furniture" in Sofia, Bulgaria and many more.





ISO Certificate
Eureka is ISO9001:2008 certified. This is one of the most popular quality standards in the world. Its requirements are fulfilled from more than 776 000 organizations in 161 countries. ISO 9001 has become an international standard in "quality control" in business relations. The purpose of the standard is to help the organizations in their pursue of "quality control". It is based on the eight principles of quality control. These principles are used from the management of the companies as a target for achieving constant improvement.


  • Principle 1 – Customer focus
  • Principle 2 – Leadership
  • Principle 3 – Involvement of people
  • Principle 4 – Process approach
  • Principle 5 – System approach to management
  • Principle 6 – Continual improvement
  • Principle 7 – Factual approach to decision making
  • Principle 8 – Mutually beneficial supplier relationships